Wednesday 18 October 2017

**New Research** UK Police SITS Supplier Landscape & Market Trends 2017-18

Police SITS cover imageThis report updates our view of the major suppliers of Software and IT Services (SITS) into the UK Policing sector. We take a close look at the pressures that are influencing the market, how policing is likely to change and the role that technology might play in that transformation.

UK policing has undergone significant change and faces many ongoing challenges, including adapting to new threats at a time of declining resources. The sector has been slow to embrace new technologies, but digital transformation is beginning to accelerate.

Policing is the smallest of the public sector areas that TechMarketView tracks, worth just 4% of the total public sector SITS market. However, with a predicted compound annual growth rate of 7.2% between 2016 and 2020, it will be the fastest growing area of public sector SITS.

Opportunities in the sector will be driven by increasing levels of collaboration between police forces and other agencies. We will also see new business develop through the adoption of cloud and mobile technologies in the sector, as well as the use of data and analytics to predict crime patterns and allocate resources effectively.  

In the report we review the Top 10 SITS suppliers in the sector, looking at their performance and prospects for the future, before taking a look at some of the other influential suppliers in policing.

The report, accessible to PublicSectorViews subscribers, is available to download now. If you are not yet a subscriber, or are interested in getting hold of this report please click here.

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