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Qlearsite: organisational science for HR

HR is an ideal target for the use of machine intelligence because it is data rich, with complexities around people and data relationships. That’s what UK start up Qlearsite, who describes ......

26/05/2017 Posted by Angela Eager

CryptoPing comes bearing an ICO

The fast and furious cryptocurrency market is not just producing more cryptocurrency variants alongside Bitcoin, it is also introducing a new type of investment – an Initial Coin Offering ......

26/05/2017 Posted by Angela Eager

DXC Technology (or rather CSC) reports FY17

DXC Technology has reported its financial year to the end of March 2017. DXC is the new brand launched on the NYSE in April, which combines CSC and HPE Enterprise Services. The results ......

26/05/2017 Posted by Kate Hanaghan

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Is DXC Technology a powerhouse for UK Financial Services IT?

The creation of DXC Technology will have significant implications for the supply of Software and IT Services into the UK Financial Services sector. The bold move to combine the operations of HPES .....


What are the opportunities for Artificial Intelligence in Business Process Services?

It’s in BPS where some of the really big wins are to be gained from the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in terms of cost reduction, productivity improvements and new machine-led .....


WannaCry should make cybersecurity top public sector priority

No further high profile incidents of the super scale WannaCry ransomware attack have been reported this week, but TechMarketView doesn’t think UK plc should breathe a sigh of relief, cross its .....


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