Tuesday 15 August 2017

*NEW RESEARCH* UK BPS Supplier Ranking 2017

lThere has been a lot of movement among the Top 20 providers of Business Process Services (BPS) in the past year, reflecting the huge level of disruption that is taking place across the market. 

The over-arching dynamic is the rapidly changing shape of the leading BPS suppliers to become leaner, more agile businesses. This is in response to the way customers are buying services – smaller, discrete, often single process deals, with automation and digital technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) at front and centre. Brexit is also having a negative impact in areas like financial services and investments.

The overall effect of these market changes is downward pressure on spend. However for many BPS suppliers this transition remains extremely painful as customers unbundle large deals at renewal, and force their incumbent providers to take significant price cuts to retain business.

Subscribers to TechMarketView's BusinessProcessViews research services can read the full analysis of who's hot and who's not, and why, in our new report UK BPS Supplier Ranking 2017.

If you are not yet a BusinessProcessViews subscriber, please contact Deb Seth ( to find out how you can access the research.  

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Monday 14 August 2017

New funding for CSI reflects strength of the mid-market

csiMML Capital Partners has become lead investors at managed services firm, CSI Ltd. Reports in the media suggest MML is putting in £36m.

CSI (which has offices in Birmingham, Farnborough, Coventry and Glasgow) was originally acquired by Blackhawk Capital in 2012 as the corinfranerstone for a buy-and-build strategy in the IBM space. The purpose was to take CSI from traditional reseller to managed services provider, via both acquisitions and other investments.

CSI's span is pretty broad for a firm of its size (which we believe to currently be sub-£50m), covering infrastructure (including IaaS), software (Platinum level IBM and SAP partner) and cyber security (managed services and advisory). That breadth places it well as a managed services provider in the  mid-market where the clear trend is for strong growth based on buyers' preference for funneling their IT spend towards a very small number of core  suppliers (or even just one key supplier).

Our recently published report,Infrastructure Services Supplier Ranking 2017”, looks at the factors influencing suppliers of cloud and infrastructure services. In it we examine some of the dynamics particular to the mid-market and give examples of the players that are executing strongly. Certainly there is plenty of opportunity amongst mid-sized enterprises, and with investment and a clear strategy behind it, CSI looks set to scale further.

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Thursday 10 August 2017

*NEW RESEARCH* UK public sector SITS supplier rankings 2017

Report Cover and ContentsThe eagerly awaited UK public sector SITS supplier rankings 2017 report is here. Subscribers to TechMarketView’s PublicSectorViews research stream can download the report now to see our analysis of the supplier landscape: it’s a who’s who of the leading players in the market… and who is challenging them for their positions.

The report includes our latest update to the UK public sector SITS Top 20 supplier rankings. It also contains Top 10 rankings for each of the subsectors (central government, local government, health, education, police and defence) and an analysis of the broader supplier landscape, including who has motored and who has struggled in 2016 and 2017.

Corporate activity has had an impact on the supplier landscape over the last year or so. But we also continue to see a wide diversity of performance; that diversity is apparent amongst the leading players, as well as between the leading players and the SMEs and mid-sized players. Our analysis highlights the reason why some players have triumphed over others, i.e. whether it is due to contract timings or a more fundamental shift in strategic positioning.

Later in the year, we will provide a full analysis of the players, in a new report entitled “UK Public Sector SITS: Supplier Prospects”. Published in Q417, it will provide our analysis of the prospects for the leading suppliers in 2018, as well as our opinion on the newer entrants challenging the status quo.

The report is available to download now. If you are not yet a PublicSectorViews subscriber, please contact Deb Seth to find out how you can access the research.  

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Wednesday 09 August 2017

Huddle sold; employee shareholders lose out

Huddle logoIn a bizarre turn of events, it is being widely reported (original source: Business Insider) that collaboration software start-up, Huddle, published on Sunday, then deleted, a blog announcing that the company was being acquired by San Francisco-based private equity firm Turn/River (operating in the UK as Harmony). The blog was captured by Business Insider (see screenshot) so it certainly seems to have existed at one point. There was also a letter sent to employees and shareholders on Monday, which appears to have been widely circulated.

Huddle blog postIt’s likely that the blog post, suggesting Huddle was “delighted” with the deal, did not go down well across the company. Though unconfirmed, it is suggested that the majority stake has been acquired for $89m – well below previous past valuations, which reached $300m. The result is that, though preferred shareholders will see a payout, ordinary shareholders (which include current and former employees) will only receive a goodwill gesture of $100 each.

Huddle (officially Ninian Solutions)’s report and accounts rang some warning bells for us when they were filed in March. Read more here....

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Thursday 03 August 2017

**NEW RESEARCH** Infrastructure Services Supplier Ranking 2017

The eagerly anticipated 2017 Infrastructure Services Supplier Ranking report has been launched today. InfrastructureViews subscribers can download it here.

The report examines the performance of the Top 20 players in the UK Infrastructure Services market, ereportxplaining the key market and industry forces that have impacted their businesses in the last year. One of the most significant changes to the ranking is the appearance of a new name: DXC Technology. DXC’s IS business is the result of the merged CSC and HPE Enterprise Services, and our estimates reflect the market challenges it is facing. Our analysis also includes our view of Amazon Web Services, which entered the Top 20 for the first time in last year’s report and continued to move up the ranking in spite of slower growth in its most recent financial year.

We also look outside of the Top 20 highlighting some of the most interesting players, and give our view on how M&A is impacting the industry and why the mid-market keeps on bearing fruit for suppliers.

If you want to understand who is excelling and who is struggling, this report will give you what is likely to be the most accurate view of players today.

If you don’t have a TechMarketView subscription or don’t take the InfrastructureViews research stream, you can contact Deborah Seth who will be able to advise on subscription options.

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