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Wednesday 17 July 2019

TechMarketView’s Supplier Rankings 2019: Who ranks where?

rankTechMarketView’s unique ranking of Software and IT Service providers in the UK market is now live.

Our annual – and highly anticipated – UK Software and IT Services Rankings 2019 is available for Foundation Service clients. The report contains our Top 60 ranking of suppliers, which has been compiled following detailed research into more than 200 publicly quoted and privately held companies.

We can now reveal that Capita holds on to the top spot despite suffering another tough year of transition as it looked to do “fewer things better”. Accenture, meanwhile, continues to chase Capita’s tail, with another solid year of market-beating growth. But it was players further down the rankings that really shone, with three players in the Top 30 achieving double-digit percentage growth. Amazon Web Services, for example, moves up five places with its seemingly inexorable growth.

Further down the rankings, performance is mixed, but there are plenty of established mid-sized players putting in an impressive show. Read the report to find out who they are.

The report also profiles each of the Top 30 suppliers, alongside analysis of the movement and performance of the Top 60 players in aggregate. Top 20 ranking tables are also provided for key horizontal market areas: Enterprise Software, Application Services, Infrastructure Services, and Business Process Services, giving readers unparalleled depth and breadth of analysis.

UK SITS Supplier Rankings 2019 is available here and should be read alongside TechMarketView’s UK SITS Market Trends & Forecasts 2019-2022 for a complete picture of the UK tech scene.

For further information on becoming a client, please contact our Client Services team:

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