Here are some comments from just a few of our valued clients. To judge our research and analysis for yourself email sales@techmarketview.com for more details on our subscription services.


ACS logo"I’m an avid reader of the daily HotViews from TMV as they provide a useful snapshot of what’s going on in the UK SITS market through their ‘bite-size’ articles (making it easy reading anytime, anywhere and on any device).  Whilst I don’t always necessarily agree with the views in some of the articles, the information provided through their research is essential reading for my management team. 

Richard Holway is a guru in our space and the team he has assembled is one that I'm sure will continue to power forward for years to come.  The only query I would have is Anthony Miller's taste in shirts!!"

Vin Murria, CEO, Advanced Computer Software Group

Atos logo"I have enjoyed working with the TechMarketView team over the years and value your forthright opinion greatly. Your understanding of, and insight into, the UK SITS sector is second to none! You shouldn't underestimate the importance of your work and indeed the leadership and contribution you have made, and continue to make, to informing and shaping the UK IT Services industry."

Keith Wilman, Chairman Atos UK & Ireland, Atos

Celaton logo

"I am hugely impressed by the quality of the business process services research, and have found great value for the business engaging with John and the TMV team."

Andrew Anderson, CEO, Celaton

CentraStage logo"For CentraStage, TMV provide far more than just well-informed, well-researched market and industry analysis. As a small, fast-growing UK cloud software business CentraStage was part of their inaugural Little British Battler initiative in 2012 – not only did this give us the opportunity to engage directly with the highly experienced and informed TMV team, but it opened our eyes both to the quality and depth of their research, and more importantly the insight of their conclusions. The team continue to be generous to this Little British Battler in terms of their time, input and coverage, and our broader engagement with TMV stands out as one of the most positive experiences of our CentraStage start-up journey so far.”

Christian Nagele, CEO, CentraStage

Civica logo"TechMarketView provides us with practical intelligence and perspective, informed by a strong grasp of markets and companies. We can rely on the team to deliver original analysis and clear insight. And most importantly they have an opinion…"

Simon Downing, CEO, Civica

Computacenter logo"I have always been impressed with TechMarketView’s acute understanding of the UK public sector market. The team is exceptionally knowledgeable, up-to-date and well-connected. This allows their research and analysis to provide insight into the challenges for ICT providers working with HM Government and the broader Public Sector that goes well beyond the facts and numbers.  It is pleasing to find such a balanced, objective and insightful view on the key issues impacting our business."

Chris Price, Director Public Sector & SIs, Computacenter

Fujitsu logo“We value the laser-like insight the TechMarketView teams bring to Fujitsu and, although I don’t always agree with them, they help us to keep ahead and stay at the forefront of our industry.”

Duncan Tait, Head of EMEIA and Corporate Senior Vice President, Fujitsu

Steria logo"I find TMV a useful source of market intelligence.  Whilst my acceptance of their opinion can be variable, the one constant is that their research is accurate and well considered,  TMV have a rare ability to drive to the heart of the matter regardless of the complexity of subject matter.  Whilst all of this is notable I believe what is exceptional, is their willingness to interact with SIs to better inform their own analysis and transparently put their own work to further scrutiny.  They won't talk about you until they've talked to you, which earns them both respect and credibility in our industry."

John Torrie, CEO UK, Steria

Microsoft logo"I always find the perspective from TechMarketView to be interesting and very useful, particularly in a UK context.  The industry has many different points of view and while my view may differ from theirs I do always find it thought provoking." 

Gordon Frazer, Head of Microsoft UK, Microsoft

"TechMarket's analysis of the UK public sector SITS market is insightful, Nexor Logounparalleled and authoritative. As such it continues to make a fundamental objective contribution to NEXOR's ongoing strategic development."

Steve Kingan, Chairman & CEO, Nexor

parity logo“As I started my first software venture over 40 years ago, Richard (Holway) and I have debated for a very long time. TechMarketView is now always an obligatory read and the only analyst firm which, in its various incarnations, has remained insightful over all the years. Often non-mainstream and spotting trends ahead of the field; and very often correct; except when criticising my little businesses of course…..”

Philip Swinstead, Chairman, Parity

Steria logoTechMarketView’s Public Sector team has provided tailored and insightful presentations on a number of occasions, the messages can often be provocative but with sound reasoning and delivered concisely.  They assimilate their knowledge and style seamlessly with both the topic and the team which ensures a professional and joined up approach.

Jason Cumine, MD Government Sector, Steria