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TechMarketView's analysts are highly respected as experts in their fields and frequently called upon to share their insight both with our clients and the media. Below is a summary of just some of the articles quoting TechMarketView that have appeared in national newspapers and the IT trade press in recent weeks.

Financial Times

Imagination to sell core chip divisions after losing Apple 4th May
Analyst: Richard Holway
Imagination Technologies is putting up for sale two of its three core businesses, following last month’s decision by Apple, its biggest customer, to stop using the UK chip designer’s technology in new products… “It’s a desperately sad attempt to shore up cash, by disposing of core businesses, like MIPS which has a fine old pedigree,” said analyst Richard Holway, founder of TechMarketViews. “Clearly what they want to do is make sure they have cash resources for the remainder of the company going forward, and to survive.”

UK chip sector exploits new connections 5th May
Analyst: Martin Courtney
Telit’s overall revenue was up 11 per cent to $370m in the latest financial year, with revenues from the IoT services business jumping 36.5 per cent. The group also reported a gross profit increase of 13.2 per cent, to $150.6m. “We expect demand for IoT services and connectivity to grow significantly in the next few years, particularly in industrial sectors like manufacturing, automotive, agriculture and utilities,” said Martin Courtney, principal analyst at TechMarketView.

WANdisco shares surge after biggest deal announced 24th April
Analyst: Angela Eager
WANdisco, the big data technology company that straddles Yorkshire and Silicon Valley, has won its largest contractr and announced it has brought it cash burn nder control. The news sent its shares nearly 20 per cent, or 75p, higher to close at 460p on Monday. The tock has doubled since Dave Richards, found and chief executive, was ousted and reinstalled within the space of a week last October.

Computer Weekly

What the slowdown in Amazon’s cloud growth means for Google and Microsoft 28th April
Analyst: Kate Hanaghan
Kate Hanaghan, research director at UK-based IT analyst house TechMarketView, said that while AWS’s revenue growth rate remains higher than those reported by the wider “traditional infrastructure services” market, it is now in a position where others are better positioned to play catch-up with it. “Whichever way you look at it, growth of more than 40% is not be sniffed at and, of course, it blows the traditional infrastructure services market growth rate out of the water,” said Hanaghan, in TechMarketView’s daily subscriber alert. However, it is a figure that some traditional players are able to compete with in their own fast-growing cloud businesses.”

Broadband controversy will linger despite BT Openreach split 10th March
Analyst: Martin Courtney
Almost two years to the day after Ofcom first announced its Strategic Review of Digital Communications – covering the regulation of competition, investment, innovation, and the availability of products in the broadband, mobile and landline markets – the process has reached a sort-of conclusion with the news that BT and Openreach are to move ahead with their legal separation… The view that avoiding the delay of a judicial challenge to full structural separation – whether that be in Brussels or London – was a positive, was held up by Martin Courtney of industry watchers TechMarketView.

ComputerWorld UK

Will the WannaCry ransomware serve as a meaningful infosec wake-up call? 15th May
Analyst: Martin Courtney
Described as "unprecedented" in scale by Europol, the wave of WannaCry ransomware attacks over the last four days brought hospital infrastructure to its knees. But ransomware is no new threat: will WannaCry finally act as a catalyst to a wider infosec wake-up call?

UK banks face ‘existential’ challenge with introduction of Open Banking rules, but there are opportunities too 27th March
Analyst: Richard Johnson
A new report (subscription required) from TechMarketView claims that “banks face a major, indeed existential, strategic disintermediation challenge” as a result of Open Banking and PSD2. The report references research from service provider Accenture, which last year highlighted that lenders could lose up to 43 percent of card payments income due to the incoming regulations.

Evening Standard

London tech firms worry Macron could spark exodus 10th May
Analyst: Richard Holway
Richard Holway, the chairman of TechMarketView, said Macron’s potential swoop on London tech is “a real and present threat”. “The UK tech scene is more vibrant now than I’ve ever known it in the 55 years I’ve been working in it. And it’s a shame if all that evaporates… We shouldn’t underestimate the threat.” It comes as a survey reveals that almost a third of tech workers believe London will no longer be the tech capital of Europe in five years’ time, despite comfortably attracting the most investment in Europe.

Snapchat cracking under rivals’ pressure as results disappoint 11th May
Analyst: Richard Holway
Snap Inc, the social media app’s parent, revealed user growth and revenues were weaker than expected in the first quarter as it plunged to a $2.2 billion (£1.7 billion) loss, causing the share price to tank 23%. Analysts put the slowing growth down to competition with Facebook, which owns rival services Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. “The ‘problem’ with Snap is that its features are so easy to copy,” said Richard Holway, chairman of TechMarketView. “Facebook’s Instagram already has 200 million users of its Snap look-a-like Stories feature.”

Hammond under fire from tech as he pours in £550m 6th March
Analyst: Richard Holway
Chancellor Philip Hammond’s plans to inject more than £550 million into the UK’s technology sector in this week’s Budget have come under fire from industry specialists… But veteran analyst Richard Holway from TechMarketView said the Government must ensure big tech companies hire home-grown talent instead of cheaper overseas workers with less than two years’ training…


Computacenter laments ‘disappointing’ UK performance 13th March
Analyst: Peter Roe
Computacenter has reported a 6.3 per cent revenue increase for 2016 despite a “disappointing” UK performance that saw UK operating profit drop 21 per cent to £46.8m… Peter Roe, research director at TechMarketView, said Computacenter needs to focus more on cloud to turnaround its UK fortunes.

Oracle swipes at AWS, Microsoft and Salesforce as cloud revenue hits $1bn 16th March
Analyst: Angela Eager
Oracle has laid down the gauntlet to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft and Salesforce after its quarterly cloud revenue hit $1bn for the first time. For the three months ending 28 February 2017 Oracle posted a total revenue of $9.2bn (£7.5bn), up two per cent on the same period last year.

Cloud Pro

SAP’s profits take a dip, but cloud soars 12% 26th April
Analyst: Angela Eager
SAP’s profits fell 17% year-on-year to €673 million in the first quarter of 2017, but it was buoyed by its cloud business, where subscription and support revenues grew 34% to €905 million. New cloud bookings were also up by almost 50%, and overall revenues stood at €5 billion, up 12% compared to the same period last year.

The Register

TalkTalk full-year profits rise but shares slump after raid on dividends 10th May
Analyst: Martin Courtney
Profit before tax at UK broadband provider TalkTalk climbed 17 per cent for the firm's full-year results, but revenue was down 3 per cent to £1.8bn compared with the previous year. The company reported that its customer base grew by 22,000 in the fourth quarter, and the percentage of customers leaving was down to 1.4 per cent from 1.64 per cent in the previous quarter. 

Capita's huge role in UK government should go under the spotlight 14th May
Analyst: General
Capita’s sheer footprint in the public sector makes it an easy target to some extent. If you run enough notoriously failure-prone government contracts, chances are you'll come under some fire sooner or later.

What's 'amazing', cloudy and splattered in red ink? It's quarterly Salesforce results time 19th May
Analyst: Angela Eager
Just when you’d thought Salesforce had quit its habit of posting quarterly losses, the biz swung back into the red during its first quarter of 2017/18 - on the back of bumper growth… Angela Eager, analyst at TechMarketView, said: "Salesforce rightly deserves credit for maintaining high levels of growth and for constantly evolving and committing to technology developments but it would be nice to see it consistently staying on the right side of the profitability line."

Mobile network Three inks Cisco Jasper deal, eyes the IoT market 28th March
Analyst: Martin Courtney
Martin Courtney, analyst at TechMarketView, said Three’s move into the IoT services space could prove a welcome boost to it enterprise footprint. “The majority of its revenue currently comes from consumers (with the first half of 2016 2 per cent to £1bn), a stagnation the MNO will be keen to address whilst simultaneously building recurring revenue streams less susceptible to churn.” However, Courtney noted that Three faces competition in the space, with Vodafone already moving into IoT capabilities beyond its established machine-to-machine communications business.


UK snap election – time to set the record straight on digital 19th April
Analyst: Georgina O’Toole
Although we should no longer be shocked about political goings on, given recent global events, the Prime Minister’s announcement on Tuesday morning that she would be calling for a snap general election in June was certainly unexpected.


TechMarketView launches programme to support UK tech SMEs 3rd April
Analyst: Anthony Miller
TechMarketView today revealed the launch of a new initiative to help accelerate growth amongst UK tech SMEs – the Great British Scaleup (GBS) programme. This programme is the follow-on to TechMarketView’s Little British Battler (LBB) programme, which over the past five years has brought more than 100 UK tech SMEs to the attention of the wider market.

IT Europa

Germany and France lift Computacenter's first quarter 24th April
Analyst: Peter Roe
Peter Roe, an analyst at TechMarketView, said of the trading update: “This is an incredibly tough market, where a couple of contract wins can make a significant difference and can drive large swings in performance. Nevertheless, Computacenter management will be able to take substantial comfort from the recent performance in Germany and in the services market.”


Government puts digital skills at the centre of UK’s future 1st March
Analyst: John O’Brien
TechMarketView analyst John O’Brien said: “Government is doing the right thing providing funding for these advanced technologies, while also getting industry buy-in to educate and support the next generation. However, we have yet to see any similar emphasis on up-skilling and retraining the existing generation who are already being displaced by these advances.”


Moving to the cloud a step at a time 14th March
Analyst: General
Most digital leaders in the public sector are now ready to acknowledge the benefits of utilising cloud computing, but many are also struggling to make progress in turning it from an attractive idea to the reality for their organisations… Analyst company TechMarketView has also identified a slow take-up. Its analysis of the cloud market for central government showed that just 2-3% of infrastructures spending has been ‘as a service’, and it has suggested that adoption has been even slower in local government.

Internet of Business

Three signs deal with Cisco Jasper for IoT 29th March
Analyst: Martin Courtney
Three intends to offer Cisco’s Jasper Control Center platform for IoT connectivity to business customers, who will be able to access Control Center locally through Three Group’s national networks. Global customers, meanwhile, will have the option of accessing Control Center through Hue, Three Group’s mobile enabling services division.


Tri-borough partnership breaks up after six years over “uncertainty” at Hammersmith and Fulham Council 31st March
Analyst: Dale Peters
The Tri-borough partnership between Westminster City Council, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and Hammersmith & Fulham Council, which was established in 2011, is to be broken up.

Tri-borough shared services partnership breaks up after Hammersmith and Fulham Council opts to go its own way 31st March
Analyst: Dale Peters
TechMarketView principal analyst, Dale Peters, suggested that the move was ultimately the result of political tensions between the three councils, especially following the May 2014 local elections that led to a change of leadership at Hammersmith & Fulham Council. “With shared service arrangements, there is always a risk that what seems like a good idea at the time will end in disillusionment,” he commented.


WannaCry attack should spur ransomware and XP migration activity 15th May
Analyst: Martin Courtney
The huge WannaCry ransomware attack that brought parts of the NHS to a standstill at the end of last week has thrown the focus onto a couple of areas that should be bread and butter for the channel… Sharing his assessment of the ransomware attack in the TechMarketView daily HotViews newsletter Martin Courtney, principal analyst at the firm pointed the finger at those public sector organisations still using outdated software.


Talktalk Business Channel Gives Needed Growth 10th May
Analyst: Martin Courtney
TechMarketView analyst Martin Courtney said: “We see good opportunity for further growth in business-focussed, high speed Ethernet connectivity which is likely to be boosted by forthcoming government dark fibre regulation in FY18. But TalkTalk must work hard to grow that business from a small base and establish a better reputation for reliability and customer service if it is to capitalise.”

The Inquirer

Oh Snap! Snapchat owner posts $2.2bn loss as user growth slows 11th May
Analyst: Richard Holway
"To be fair, the maiden results were not that bad with revenues up nearly 290 per cent, year-on-year, at $149.6m. Users rose a more modest 36 per cent, year-on-year, to 166 million. But both metrics were lower than analyst expectations," commented Richard Holway, founder of analyst group TechMarketView. "Incredibly, Snap lost $2.2bn - compared with ‘just' $105m in this quarter last year. Two billion dollars of these losses were stock-compensation related payments.

Investors Chronicle

Imagination Technologies tries to balance the books 11th May
Analyst: Richard Holway
Beleaguered Imagination Technologies (IMG) appears to be preparing for battle. The tech group has put its two secondary business divisions up for sale in what seems like an attempt to shore up its balance sheet. Richard Holway, chairman of technology sector analysis group Tech Market View, thinks the situation is "desperately sad". But Mr Holway has not given up hope of salvation. "The solution, of course, for both Apple and Imagination, would be for Apple to take [Imagination] over."


Snapchat Cracking Under Rivals’ Pressure 13th May
Analyst: Richard Holway
Concerns are rising about whether Snapchat can cope with fierce competition from Facebook after weak results on the stock market hammered its share price… Speaking on the figures, Richard Holway, chairmen of TechMarketView said: “The ‘problem’ with Snap is that its features are so easy to copy. Facebook’s Instagram already has 200 million users of its Snap look-a-like Stories feature.”

Tech Target

El ataque de WannaCry debería impulsar la actividad contra el ransomware y la migración de XP 15th May
Analyst: Martin Courtney
El gran ataque del ransomware WannaCry que causó que algunas áreas del Servicio Nacional de Salud de Inglaterra (NHS) llegaran a un punto muerto a finales de la semana pasada ha puesto el foco en un par de áreas que deberían ser pan y mantequilla para el canal.

IT Informer

Microsoft blames USA stockpiled vulnerability for WannaCry ransomware attack 16th May
Analyst: Martin Courtney
Desperate attempts to contain the world’s biggest cyberattack appear to be working early Monday. Just one person in an organisation who clicked on an infected attachment or bad link, would lead to all computers in a network becoming infected, said Vikram Thakur, technical director of Symantec Security Response. If that estimate is true, then fewer than 100 of the victims acquiesced to the hackers’ demands. That’s why it’s called ransomware.

Shares Magazine

Why Attraqt will make its profits breakthrough this year 17th May
Analyst: Peter Roe
London-based ATTRAQT (ATQT:AIM) is a small online and mobile display and inventory control technology start-up that is leveraging its Freestyle platform to become a trusted digital partner to many otherwise traditional retailers. Superdry, North Face, Timberland, Vans and Tesco’s F&F fashion brand are customers, among others.


Pourquoi La City voit Emmanuel Macron comme une menace 17th May
Analyst: Richard Holway
Au Royaume-Uni, le Brexit et l'élection d'Emmanuel Macron à la présidence de la République font réfléchir certains expatriés, banquiers et entrepreneurs à un retour ou une arrivée en France. Parmi eux : Leïla Nassiri-Jamet, jeune entrepreneuse française à Londres, est séduite par le discours d'Emmanuel Macron qui veut "aider à entreprendre". Elle songe donc à revenir dans son pays. Pour l'analyste Richard Holway, président de "TechMarketView", si le Président français "joue bien ses cartes en créant le bon écosystème et le bon niveau d'impôt, alors sur le long terme il peut représenter une menace" pour La City.