Regtech - A Big New Opportunity

In this latest report in TechMarketView’s fintech series, we delve into “regtech” which has become an increasingly hot topic over the past 18 months. There is a big market opportunity here, at a relatively early stage of development and this therefore represents an important area of opportunity for SITS providers.

Alongside the established providers of regulatory platforms and outsourced services, there is a thriving start-up community which is actively targeting several areas of the regtech scene with new technology offerings. These will revolutionise the process of regulatory compliance with better solutions for the pervasive issues of KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) as well as providing new insights and efficiencies through Artificial Intelligence, Big Data/Analytics and new Automation techniques.

A clear understanding of the regtech scene will prove very important as SITS providers look to enhance their product offerings, create new solutions and open up new market opportunities.

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