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Enterprise Software Supplier Prospects 2019 - £1,950

Cyber Security Supplier Prospects 2019

Enterprise Software suppliers have a lot to work with during 2019 and beyond but it will take grit and determination to find and seize the opportunities. Focusing on the quality of partnerships and proactively helping enterprises with the  practicalities of digital transformation are the factors that will position suppliers for success.

In this Supplier Prospects report we identify the challenges facing software suppliers, how they can best respond to them, and the things they should be doing to thrive in the long term. It also includes profiles of the top 10 enterprise software suppliers to the UK.

Cyber Security Supplier Prospects 2019 - £1,950

Cyber Security Supplier Prospects 2019

Our latest Cyber Security Supplier Prospects 2019 report analyses the strategies at the Top Ten players (by revenue) in the UK market - those that provide a mixture of cyber security hardware and software infrastructure and associated services to UK customers - assesses their current progress and discusses what they will need to do to be successful next year and beyond.

The report includes detailed profiles of our Top Ten cyber security suppliers.

Application Services Supplier Prospects 2019 - £1,950

Application Services Supplier Prospects 2019

The Application Services (AS) arena continues to be shaped by the interaction of a complex, often capricious set of countervailing forces. User demand is being stoked by needs to invest in digital transformation, compliance and security. It is, however, simultaneously suppressed by not only macro-economic and political uncertainties, but also skills shortages, relentless operational cost pressures and the perceived risks of and readiness for large scale change programmes.

That's the market context for the Application Services (AS) Supplier Prospects report which provides insight and analysis into the challenges facing suppliers over the coming year, what they need to do to be successful and highlights ways to win in the longer term. The report includes profiles of the top 10 AS suppliers to the UK market.

UK Public Sector SITS Market Trends & Forecasts 2018 - £2,450

Application Services Supplier Prospects 2019

This report consolidates TechMarketView’s latest forecasts and trends for the UK public sector software and IT services (SITS) market. It builds on the UK Public Sector SITS Market Forecast Preview 2017-2021 report published in July by providing additional granularity on our view of the market trends and drivers for each of the six public sector subsegments.

We have segmented the market by both subsector (central government, local government, education, health, police and defence) and by the SITS market activities as defined by TechMarketView’s Asset Led Market Model (ALMM). ALMM segments the market according to the activities that are performed by the vendors to ‘service’ customers’ IT assets, i.e. infrastructure, applications and business processes (see TechMarketView UK SITS Market Structure & Definitions 2015 for more information on ALMM 3.0). The packaged software market is treated separately.

In this report, you will find detailed market size and forecast data for each of the UK public sector sub-segments. For example, forecasts are available for UK central government business process services, for local government software, or for defence infrastructure services.

Financial Services SITS Market Trends and Forecasts to 2021 - £1,950

Application Services Supplier Prospects 2019

This milestone report explains the most important drivers of technology demand in this dynamic sector. It also identifies opportunities for suppliers to build sustainable value as the sector accelerates its transformation and adopts a range of technologies that will significantly disrupt financial markets, cost bases and return on investment.

This is the first in a series of reports on the payments market which is intended to drive enthusiasm and knowledge of this sector amongst SITS providers and market participants. Many SITS suppliers will want to target multiple aspects of payments, but when looking for industry research they will generally find themselves confronted with a series of specialist vertical deep-dives with different jargons. Hence our aim is to cover a wide range of sectors of the UK payments market using a common taxonomy and analysis. We are not aware of any comparable reports or studies of this market.