Quantum Technology Preparation: what is the investment, where is the activity?

The pace of quantum technology development and anticipated impact means suppliers and enterprises need to prepare. A sense of the timescales and impacts of this emerging technology, of what the early initiatives are likely to cover and where the leading developments - and suppliers - could emerge from, should form part of that preparation.

Make no mistake – quantum technology is not about to hit the market with a complete technology stack, applications, use cases, ecosystem and identifiable revenue streams but even at the current stage of development, there is enough potential to generate substantial interest and investment. 

This research note begins to map the landscape. It provides a snapshot of the market and emerging activity areas, based on analysis of 99 organisations operating in the quantum technology sector. It looks at public and private sector investment, highlights where supplier startup activity is in terms of geography and which functions and industry sectors are front frunners for quantum application.

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