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TechMarketView’s UKHotViews analysis is considered a ‘must-read’ by leaders from across the UK tech sector and beyond. Through the daily email, TechMarketView’s experts provide timely, opinionated analysis of key developments in the software, IT services, business process services and network services markets.
Over the last ten years, this daily insight has built into a hugely valuable digital library of more than 15,000 articles that sits alongside TechMarketViews in-depth research reports and creates an unparalleled resource on the UK IT market. Topics covered regularly in UKHotViews include:

UKHotViews Premium Benefits

Until now, the library of UKHotViews articles was only available to our corporate clients as part of a subscription to our focused research streams.

But we recognise that there are many entrepreneurs and tech professionals that would benefit from access to this rich, searchable archive too. Indeed, many of you have contacted us frustrated by the fact that you can't click through from the links in our UKHotViews email to the UKHotViews pieces and more considered UKHotViewsExtra articles behind the paywall.

So we’ve launched a new service, UKHotViews Premium, especially for you.

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Subscriptions to UKHotViews Premium are available to individuals (not companies) on a rolling twelve-month basis. The subscription fee is per person and the usage rights are not transferrable to other individuals. The fee for a twelve-month subscription to UKHotViews Premium, including all the benefits outlined above, is £395 (plus VAT). Or subscribe for a 24-month period for £650 (plus VAT), a saving of nearly 20%. To subscribe please click here to complete the registration form. There are also preferential rates for any UKHotViews Premium subscribers wishing to upgrade to a corporate subscription package. For more details contact our Client Services team on

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