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The TechMarketView Foundation Service does precisely what it says on the can! It gives suppliers, investors—indeed anybody with ‘skin in the game’—the basic grounding they need to understand the core market trends and fundamental industry dynamics driving the UK software and IT services (SITS) scene.

Led by TechMarketView’s widely recognised and highly respected co-founder and managing partner, Anthony Miller, the Foundation Service comprises four inter-related research streams covering key aspects of the UK SITS market and industry:

  • MarketViews - provides views, analysis, market sizing and forecasts for the UK SITS sector
  • CompanyViews - ranks and comments on the performance of the main providers of Software and IT Services to the UK market.
  • IndustryViews - analyses all the corporate activity (like M&A, IPOs, stock market performance) that affects the sector
  • OffshoreViews - looks at the role that both offshore resources and offshore companies play in the sector.


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