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Tuesday 05 July 2016

*NEW RESEARCH* UK Public Sector: Forecasts & BREXIT

Today, the TechMarketView PublicSectorViews team publishes two complementary pieces of research.

The first – UK Public Sector SITS Market Forecasts 2016: Preview – does exactly what it says on the tin! It gives PublicSectorViews subscribers an early view of our detailed forecasts for the UK public sector SITS market through to 2019, including by vertical subsector (central government, local government, education, health, police and defence). We will be publishing a thorough analysis of the drivers and trends in each of those subsectors in a subsequent report.

The abovementioned forecasts were cast before the EU Referendum result became clear on 24th June. As such, the second PublicSectorViews research note published today – BREXIT implications: UK public sector - is designed to give our subscribers our initial view on the forecast impact. Much has happened on the political and economic stage over the last couple of weeks. And much is still to play out. This is a difficult situation to read. We intend to recast our forecasts once the dust settles. However, here we provide take a close look at the most likely political and economic scenarios over three time periods – the short-term (the rest of 2016), the medium-term (the following two years), and the longer-term (from 2019 onwards). Our analysis includes commentary on the impact on UK public sector SITS demand, the likely winners and losers within the supplier community, and how our forecasts are likely to be impacted.

In the short-to-medium term, uncertainty will impact the market, regardless of the events of the next few months. In the longer-term, the picture is far less certain.

PublicSectorViews’ subscribers can download both pieces of research – UK Public Sector SITS Market Forecasts 2016: Preview and BREXIT implications: UK public sector now. If you are not yet a subscriber and would like to find out more, please contact Deb Seth, who would be more than pleased to help.

(Image: The Telegraph)

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