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TechMarketView quotes from the press

TechMarketView's analysts are highly respected as experts in their fields and frequently called upon to share their insight both with our clients and the media. Below is a summary of just some of the articles quoting TechMarketView that have appeared in national newspapers and the IT trade press in recent weeks.

The Financial Times

Lossmaking Blue Prism to buy software group in AI expansion - 19th June 2019

Analyst: Marc Hardwick

The Telegraph

The Telegraph Tech Hot 100 – how a £184bn a year industry was built - 4th April 2019
Analyst: Richard Holway

CGI Group

CGI makes digital approachable and its business relevance clear according to TechMarketView - 11th June 2019
Analyst: General

CGI makes digital approachable and its business relevance clear according to TechMarketView - 2nd May 2019
Analyst: General


Big changes underway at SAP - 18th April 2019
Analyst: Angela Eager

IT Europa

Tata Consultancy Services breaks through $20bn sales barrier for the first time - 15th April 2019
Analyst: General

The Register

UK taxman spent six times more with AWS last year than cloud firm paid in corporation tax - 11th June 2019
Analyst: General

Shares Magazine

Why do analysts think that digital transformer Kainos has years of growth ahead? - 16th April 2019
Analyst: Duncan Aitchison

Fintech company R8 is eying a London summer IPO - 25th April 2019
Analyst: General


The incredible shrinking PC market (Newsletter) - 12th April 2019
Analyst: Richard Holway

This is Money

Are we heading for a tech bubble? - 27th April 2019
Analyst: Richard Holway

UK Authority

DfE signs Fujitsu to digest management of academies and free schools - 28th March 2019
Analyst: Georgina O’Toole


Doctor apps vs the NHS – what is the effect of virtual GPs on the health service? - 5th April 2019
Analyst: Dale Peters

From pagers and paper to AI and IoT: Can the NHS’ technology transformation plan really succeed? - 29th March 2019
Analyst: Dale Peters