Examining the intersection of security, networking & cloud

Martin CourtneyKate HanaghanSince the launch of our InfrastructureViews research stream in 2012, the importance of security and networking has come into much sharper focus as organisations take a more strategic approach to cloud-delivered services and digital transformation.

To address this, TechMarketView has launched a complementary research service called SecureConnectViews. The stream examines the interconnect between cloud, the network and cybersecurity. For example, how the network is evolving to better support cloud delivery, or the emerging security offerings that provide better protection for end user organisations as they develop digital offers for their customers.

SecureConnectViews is led by Chief Research Officer, Kate Hanaghan, and Principal Analyst Martin Courtney.

Understanding opportunities around emerging technologies

Multiple parts of the network – from LANs and WANs and data centre infrastructure to on-premise/campus/public WiFi and cellular (3G/4G/LTE) – play an increasingly critical role in supporting secure hybrid cloud application and service access from any device – fixed and mobile. This is generating both opportunities and challenges, not least for established providers. SecureConnectViews focuses on disruptive technologies and players, helping suppliers to understand how best to position themselves and where to invest.

The security market is starting to migrate from legacy products and strategies, which focus on perimeter security measures designed to stop attacks getting into the corporate network. As the IT department shifts more applications and services into hosted cloud environments, security requirements are stretching way beyond the LAN to encompass a wide variety of connected end point. The potential for disruption from advanced threats already inside the network or internal hackers is also driving demand for new approaches, including advanced threat protection, unified threat management (UTM) and moving beyond SIEM to threat intelligence that uses big data analytics. Buyers are more determined than ever to take a strategic approach to security, and SecureConnectViews can help suppliers maximise their understanding of the opportunities this will produce.

Seizing IoT opportunities as they emerge

The much talked about Internet of Things (IoT) covers a broad range of multiple emerging markets. SecureConnectViews looks at IoT from the perspective of the underlying and enabling network technologies (including M2M), and the security implications/opportunities. The research helps suppliers understand the rate of market evolution and where the real opportunities are, based on our interactions with end user organisations.

Topics SecureConnectViews will be examining in the coming months include:

  • Threat Intelligence: how can managed security services strengthen defences and predict where the next cyberattack will come from.
  • CompanyViews: a profile of IBM’s security business
  • IoT Business Models: the long and short of the service connectivity chain.
  • Battle of the Hybrid Clouds: How will Microsoft Azure Stack stack up against the opposition?

Working directly with the analysts

SecureConnectViews will help you understand market opportunities and evolution in security, networking and IoT. Our research reports will explain the complex technologies and clearly lay out the changing market/industry landscape. Additionally, you can spend time in person (or over the phone) with our analysts - all of whom are based in the UK - to talk through your specific queries.

Download an information sheet on the key topics covered in SecureConnectViews this year under the theme of Breaking the Boundaries HERE