Focus on the UK financial services sector

Jon DaviesTechMarketView has a dedicated research stream focused on the supply of software and IT services (SITS) to the UK Financial Services sector (banking, financial markets and insurance businesses). FinancialServicesViews is led by Research Director, Jon C Davies. Jon has over 30 years’ experience within the financial services and technology industries and an in-depth knowledge of insurance, retail banking and global IT.  During his 18 year career with North American technology giant DXC (formerly CSC) Jon held a variety of research, planning and strategy roles.

The Financial Services sector is the largest buyer of software and IT services in the private sector. Many of the largest vendors in the SITS industry generate over one quarter of their revenue from this sector and there are many mid-size and smaller companies who are almost entirely dependent on customers in Banking, Financial Markets and Insurance. This sector is home for some of the most innovative and leading -edge suppliers as financial services companies seek to use technology to generate real competitive advantage and faster profits growth.

The technology underpinning this global sector is having to evolve more quickly than in any other area, as end-customers demand better service, through more channels and devices from their financial services providers and as regulators impose ever more scrutiny. Despite the sector being the focus of intense activity however, there is a lack of quality, independent research, probably due to the secrecy of many of the buyers, the complexity of the markets and the speed of change.

FinancialServicesViews provides commentary on key suppliers in the market, identifying ‘hot spots’, and highlighting potential success and failures of business models and strategies of individual vendor companies. TechMarketView’s FinancialServicesViews research is closely linked to our broad coverage of the UK SITS market, drawing on the expertise of the other TMV research directors, who contribute research to the stream in their specialist areas.

Daily comment and analysis

Subscribers to FinancialServicesViews read our analysis of developments in the UK Financial Services sector IT market as they happen in our news-driven research, UKHotViews and UKHotViewsExtra, which are delivered via email. Our UKHotViews archive contains over 6,000 articles and we’re adding to it every day with opinion-rich pieces that are easy to read and quickly get to the nub of the issue. Searching the archives enables you to rapidly build up a picture of SITS supplier activity in the sector and keep up-to-date with key changes in government strategy or policy.

Ground-breaking reports

FinancialServicesViews subscribers also have access to all TechMarketView’s financial sector-focussed research reports and analyst notes. These include our ‘flagship’ UK Financial Services SITS Market Trends and Forecasts report and the UK Financial Services SITS Supplier Landscape report.

Throughout the year, TechMarketView also publishes a series of reports focused on market trends and the supplier landscape in particular subsectors of the UK financial services sector: banking, financial markets and insurance businesses).

Accurate forecasts

For our market sizing and forecasts, we segment the market by both subsector (banking, financial markets and insurance) and by SITS market activity as defined by TechMarketView’s Asset Led Market Model (infrastructure services, application services, business process services and software), as well as combining the two. As such, subscribers will find detailed market size and forecast data, along with detailed analysis of performance and prospects, for each of the UK financial services sub-segments, enabling them to focus effort and investment on the areas of the market with the highest growth potential.

Investigating ‘hot topics’

In addition to this core research, regular research reports and notes examine ‘hot topics’ in the UK Financial Services SITS market. Through these we have the flexibility to address issues that are important to our subscribers as they arise, providing timely insight and analysis.

The sector is at the focus of a lot of change where accurate and timely decisions can generate competitive advantage and better ROI. TechMarketView’s heat map of activity within the sector will focus effort on those areas that really matter to Software and IT Services vendors.

An approachable team

As a subscriber to FinancialServicesViews, our analysts are happy to support your business by answering enquiries on our existing research either via email or in a short phone call. Many subscribers find the ability to chat directly to the analysts, and ask the questions that really matter to them, an invaluable resource.

Custom engagements

TechMarketView subscribers also benefit from preferential pricing and scheduling of custom engagements with our financial services sector team. Peter and his colleagues are available to work with clients in tailored workshops or ‘sounding board’ sessions, providing independent input to the strategic decision making process. We can also bring our independent, authoritative viewpoint to your board meeting, sales conference or other company event.

Download an information sheet on the key topics covered in FinancialServicesViews this year under the theme of Breaking the Boundaries HERE.