Focus on the UK business process services market

Marc HardwickBusinessProcessViews is our dedicated research stream focused on the UK business process services (BPS) sector - led by experienced research director and BP services analyst, Marc Hardwick.

Our in-depth coverage of the UK BPS market enables organisations to plan their approach to the market based on realistic forecasts and easy-to-read market trend analysis that offers a consistent view of the UK BPS market as a whole. TechMarketView’s analysis also supports your efforts to identify short-term and long-term areas of opportunity, and to respond to market threats ahead of time.

Our opinionated coverage of BPS suppliers, big and small, is invaluable for competitor analysis as well as for identifying and evaluating potential suppliers, partners or investment opportunities.

Daily comment and analysis

Subscribers to BusinessProcessViews read our analysis of developments in the UK BPS market as they happen in our news-driven research, UKHotViews and UKHotViewsExtra, which are delivered via email. Our UKHotViews archive contains over 5000 articles and we’re adding to it every day with opinion-rich pieces that are easy to read and quickly get to the nub of the issue. Searching the archives enables you to rapidly build up a picture of BPS supplier activity in the sector .

Ground-breaking reports

BusinessProcessViews subscribers also have access to all of TechMarketView’s BPS  research reports and analyst notes. These include our ‘flagship’ UK Business Process Services Market Trends and Forecasts report and the UK BPS Supplier Landscape report. The latter contains rankings for suppliers to the sector and analysis of the leading players’ strategy and outlook, as well as identifying potential new entrants to the market and highlighting ‘ones to watch’ in the months ahead. These core ‘must-read’ reports are published annually and updated if there are significant changes during the year.

Accurate forecasts

For our market sizing and forecasts, we split the UK BPS market by platform-based and non-platform-based BPS, and by public and private sector, to take into account the disruptive trends of platform-based BPS and Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) on the market. The forecast structure is core to TechMarketView’s ground-breaking Asset Led Market Model (infrastructure services, application services and enterprise software, and business process services). It allows us to forecast the impact of disruptors such as cloud computing and ‘as-a-Service’ delivery models on the UK SITS market. In this way, BusinessProcessViews enables you to focus effort and investment on the areas of the UK BPS market with the highest growth potential.

Investigating ‘hot topics’

In addition to this core research, BusinessProcessViews provides ad hoc research reports and analyst notes on ‘hot topics’ throughout the year. Through these we have the flexibility to address issues that are important to our subscribers as they arise, providing timely insight and analysis. We also author CompanyViews notes – short reports that take an in-depth look at a supplier’s strategy in the UK BPS market.

An approachable team

As a subscriber to BusinessProcessViews, we will be happy to support your business by answering enquiries on our existing research either via email or in a short phone call. Many subscribers find the ability to chat directly to the analysts and ask the questions that really matter to them, an invaluable resource.

Custom engagements

TechMarketView subscribers also benefit from preferential pricing and scheduling of custom engagements, such as tailored workshops or ‘sounding board’ sessions, providing independent input to the strategic decision making process. John also welcomes the opportunity to present our view of the UK BPS market in person at Board meetings, sales conferences, marketing events and the like.

Download an information sheet on the key topics the Marc will be focusing on in Business Process Services this year under the theme of Breaking the Boundaries HERE.