Innovation Partner Programme


Calling all Customer Management/Customer Experience market 'digital disruptors'

TechMarketView and Capita Scaling Partner are working together again to find 'digital disruptors' looking to revolutionise the Customer Management/Customer Experience market.


The story so far ...

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Earlier this year we launched the TechMarketView Early Stage Partner Programme in association with Capita Scaling Partner (Capita's innovation development unit). It was a phenomenal success – you can see the testimonial videos here. We are now extending our search for innovative partners under our new programme brand, the TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme.

We're running the next event in December and Capita Scaling Partner is once again offering an unrivalled opportunity for innovative UK tech companies to access lucrative client markets that would typically be out of their reach. This event has been designed to attract the most ambitious and forward-thinking companies looking at disrupting how companies interact with their customers.

The chance to sell to Capita's clients

Capita logoCapita is the UK’s leading provider of outsourced customer management services including market leading contact centre, data, analytics and digital services. Capita has more than 100 million customer conversations every year across multiple different contact channels. We are giving UK tech innovators a chance to reach this incredibly broad and rich market.

Accelerated market access

Capita Scaling Partner Digital Disruptors will get the benefit of:

  • A dedicated business development team that works with them over 2-3 years to secure scale business deals from Capita's extensive client base
  • Direct access to decision makers in Capita's corporate clients through relationships that have been built up over 30 years
  • The ability to work with Capita’s market leading customer management experts to refine and develop their proposition
  • The ability to negotiate scale deals with clients on an equal footing
  • Direct channels to UK and Ireland consumers
  • Capita’s proprietary consumer data, collected from handling over 45 million contacts every day
  • Access to Capita's low cost and scalable shared services

Capita will sit side by side with the successful candidates, pitching their proposition to its own client base, providing them with direct access to decision makers. Successful companies are encouraged to 'think big and act big' while retaining their own brand, culture, identity, agility, and negotiating terms with clients and suppliers on an equal footing. 

Extensive business development support

Successful candidates will progress through a series of business workshops run over a four-week period, including:

  • Technology workshops – led by Capita's experienced software and hardware IT professionals to review your technology base and explore improvements
  • Proposition workshopsled by Capita Customer Management to review and develop your market proposition and build out your development roadmap
  • Sales workshops – with Capita business units and business development professionals to explore cross-selling opportunities into Capita's clients, leveraging Capita's direct-to-consumer channels
  • Financial modelling workshops – to rigorously analyse your existing business plan and to model how Capita could improve it through partnership.

At the end of the workshop programme, the candidates that stand to benefit the most from a relationship with Capita will be offered the opportunity to become a Capita Scaling Partner.

Eligibility requirements

You should be the Founder or CEO/MD of a privately-held, UK tech company with an innovative digital technology proposition in Customer Management or Customer Experience. By 'privately held' we mean that your company's shares must not be listed on any public stock exchange; however, your company may have external investors such as 'family and friends', business angels, or venture capital firms.

Your business should be focused on transforming the way companies interact with end customers. We are looking for companies with the potential of disrupting established ways of working and service delivery, who will help to deliver key customer contact outcomes, for example:

  • Increasing end customer satisfaction;
  • Helping to improve revenue generation, e.g. increasing the range of services customers buy, or improving sales conversion;
  • Running operations more efficiently.

You may have been in business for some years or could be early stage. In any event, your customer management/customer experience proposition must at minimum be close to the MVP (minimum viable product) stage, successfully deployed to one or more clients, and you are now looking to distribute at scale.

How to apply

To be selected as a Capita Scaling Partner Digital Disruptor, you should apply in the first instance to attend an intensive 90-minute Pre-Qualification Session (PQS) with TechMarketView Research Directors and Capita Scaling Partner advisors. The PQS event will be held in London during the week of 3rd-7th December.

PQS applications must be submitted on this webform by Friday 2nd November 2018. Applicants will be notified if their application has been successful by Friday 16th November. There is no charge to apply for or, if accepted, participate in a PQS.

You can find more information about Capita Scaling Partner on the Capita website.

For further information about the TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme please email or call TechMarketView Managing Partner Anthony Miller on 020 3002 8463.